About Sixth Element

Sixth Element Publishing is a creative and dynamic design and publishing partnership based in the North East of England. We love books, we make books, we write books, we help other writers write books!

Established in 2009, we have a clear philosophy on indie publishing – we’re happy to help, we charge for our time and all our authors retain all the rights to their books.
Our publishing services for authors include mentoring, editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, print, distribution and promotion.
We also offer a full range of design and print services, website design and hosting, and the design and production of signage and exhibition stuff. We’ve made music videos, published our own magazines and newspapers, and we screen-print tee shirts. We also host the odd art exhibition here and there.

Graeme Wilkinson
Graeme Wilkinson is a graphic designer by day, author, artist and musician by night.
He’s been writing all his life. His first novel, Screw, God and the Universe, was published in 2011, his second novel, A Slice of Cake, Perchance? was released in 2013 and his third, Lost at the End of the World, in 2017.
Graeme is also an artist – his paintings have been featured in various exhibitions and his work has sold around the world – and he is an accomplished songwriter and musician, heading up The Golden Age of Nothing (www.thegoldenageofnothing.com) and playing with Bloodybones and Sticky Pearls.
Graeme heads up the Liverpool supporting half of Sixth Element. He lives with his wife and many cats in Teesside.
Gillie Hatton
Gillie Hatton is a writer/editor who has a PhD in geology and a background in journalism, having worked as a sub-editor and editor at several newspapers.
She writes fast-paced, action adventure science fiction under the name CG Hatton (www.cghatton.com). She has published four books in her main Thieves’ Guild sci-fi/thriller series so far, and two books in her YA Thieves’ Guild Origins series. She loves gallivanting to sci-fi conventions around the UK, and especially the New York Comic Con.
Gillie heads up the Tottenham Hotspur supporting half of Sixth Element. She is married with two young daughters and is currently working on her seventh book.

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