Salvage: From the South China Sea to the Caribbean Coast by Jon May

£ 9.99


Salvage, the long-awaited follow up to Jon May's first book, Divers, tells of his time with the truly extraordinary South China Sea Ocean Salvage And Towing Company,from dealing with the devastating consequences of a typhoon in the South China Sea, searching for missing explosives and going to the rescue of a shipwrecked crew, to hunting for lost pirate treasure, treating wounds from a shark attack and almost being lost at sea himself.

Salvage has the dry, dark humour of professionals facing tough, life-changing decisions in the face of disaster and has a delicate balance of harsh reality and poignant reflection, giving further insight into the truly remarkable and adventurous lives of these men at sea. 

Paperback, 156 pages, RRP £9.99
ISBN 978-1-908299-72-7
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, July 2015

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