The Egg Timer by Jan Hart

£ 7.99


Meet Rachel, Louise, Jo and Sarah.
They work in the housing office for one of the North East’s most notorious estates. And, as if dealing with the lives of the estate’s residents wasn’t difficult enough, each of their home lives is in danger of running out of control.
For Sarah, work is everything and family comes second… until her life is suddenly thrown into chaos.
Jo wants promotion and needs alcohol. Her husband wants another baby. Then an accident brings matters to a head, but not in the way they expected.
Louise always wanted to be a mum but being a stepmother to two tearaway teenagers
wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.
And Rachel… desperate for a child and failing at every turn to find Mr Right, she has a biological clock that’s ticking so fast she’s deafened by it.

Paperback, 276 pages, RRP £7.99
ISBN 978-1-908299-26-0
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, July 2016

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