The Boro Phallacy by Mick Richardson

£ 9.99


Crime has a new enemy… and it never saw him coming.

When Robert Jones awoke with yet another monster hangover in his house in Teesside, he could never have imagined that within just a few hours his life would change forever.
Kidnappings, the murderous attentions of a midget set on revenge and the world’s largest bank heist are just the beginning. But, the pandemonium all around, Rob is oblivious, his focus fixed firmly on his blossoming relationship with an extremely seductive vacuum cleaner.
However, there’s one small problem, Rob is a robot and he’s missing a vital component.

The Boro Phallacy is a frenetic, fast-paced and funny crime thriller told through the eyes of two unlikely heroes whose love of Crocodile Dundee knows no bounds.

Paperback, 276 pages, RRP £9.99
ISBN 978-1-908299-94-9
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, September 2016

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