Mikey's Magic Mufflers by K.L. Shippey

£ 7.99


Ten-year-old Mikey loves his stuffed rabbit Bob, he loves yellow, he loves his scratchy book and most of all he loves football! But he hates crowds and noise. You see, Mikey has Autism.

Mikey’s marvellous, magnificent, magic (yellow) mufflers come to the rescue!

But when he finds himself pitch side at the Riverside Stadium before one of Boro’s big games, as the crowds pour in to watch the match, even the mufflers can’t do the trick. What can be done? Surely there must be a way Mikey can watch the match…

The Shippey Campaign is inspiring football clubs worldwide to install sensory rooms in their grounds so that people of all ages with sensory needs can enjoy the experience of a ‘live’ game.


“Middlesbrough Football Club would like to thank Kate and Peter Shippey for their support and advice in helping us plan our Matchday Sensory Room.  We are honoured and proud to be associated with Kate’s first publication.  We look forward to working with The Shippey Campaign in the future to enhance our supporters’ match experience.”
Mark Ellis – Chief Operating Officer, MFC

Paperback, 58 pages, RRP £7.99
ISBN 978-1-912218-06-6
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, July 2017

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