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Harvey Duckman Presents… is a series of anthologies featuring new, original scifi, fantasy, steampunk and horror short stories. Published by Sixth Element Publishing, the anthologies are available in paperback and Kindle eBook.

We offer established authors and previously unpublished writers a chance to be part of a friendly and supportive community, to showcase their work and give new readers a glimpse into their worlds. All stories are published on a split royalty basis, at no cost to the author, and all rights remain with the authors.


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Discover some awesome new authors who are writing in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and horror, not to mention magical realism, smugglepunk, retelling of folktales, mythology and mythos, adventure, paranormal… and of course the generally weird.

Some stories are stand-alone, some are glimpses into longer work that is available now in published novels or series of books, and all are brilliantly imaginative fast and escapist reads.

Sixth Element Publishing

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Sixth Element Publishing is a creative and dynamic design and publishing partnership based in the North East of England. We love books, we make books, we write books, we help other writers write books!

Our publishing services for authors include mentoring, editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, print, distribution and promotion… and we are the home of Harvey Duckman Presents…